Our Story

Our Aim

Ilk is a community of openminded people who embrace an active, eco-conscious lifestyle while valuing quality, sustainability, and everyday adventures.

We are all about staying open and curious and exploring new places.

We are dedicated to spreading positivity and ease into people’s lives and to lift their spirits.

Our beautiful products are designed to make life a little easier and more enjoyable so you can focus on what truly matters.

  • Recyclable

    Made with recyclable materials to eliminate single-use plastic

  • Sustainable

    Packaged plastic free, because like you – we love our planet

  • Empowering Change

    With every purchase, we give back $1 to local charities that are close to our heart

Our Founder

Ilk was created by Annie Pryor a Sydney mum trying to do her part to help lighten the load and make life easier for travel, adventure and everyday activities that require a little more thought and organisation.

Frequent trips to the beach with her three girls were often challenged by messy, sandy, wet swimmers. On family holidays there was little option but zip-lock bags to seal all the leaky toiletries, messy sunscreen and other necessary bits and pieces which was far from ideal and something that goes totally against Annie’s passionate commitment to sustainability.

When the girls were growing up, there simply were no solutions to keep all of the essentials organised, secure and compartmentalised. Annie knew there was a need for convenient, flexible, washable, water-resistant bags as an alternative to single use plastic.

Having worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years Annie knew she could combine style with function bringing some fun and playfulness into everyday life.

Annie decided to create Ilk Studio, a brand committed to simplifying people’s lives, empowering them to embrace life’s everyday adventures while treading gently on the planet.

  • We are a Vibrant Community

    Ilk Studio is more than a brand, it is a vibrant community. We value the power of connection and seek to create a sense of togetherness among our customers, our internal team and the artists, designers and environmentalists we collaborate with.

  • Staying Curious

    We are all about staying open and curious and exploring new territories. By providing more convenience and ease to people's lives, we create space to focus on embracing all of life’s adventures.

  • Inspiring Optimism

    We are dedicated to spreading joy and positivity into people’s lives and to lifting their spirits with bags that make them look good and feel good. Our beautiful products are designed to make life a little easier and more enjoyable.

  • Embracing Local Creativity

    We celebrate creativity in all its forms. Our beautiful prints are carefully curated and designed to express individuality. We constantly seek collaborations with talented artists and designers to bring fresh perspectives and innovative designs to our products.