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5 Health Benefits of Watching the Sunrise

A dreamy sunrise is a natural reset button. As the sun makes its daily debut, it signals a fresh start filled with endless adventures. At Ilk Studio, we love to start our day by embracing the gentle warmth of the morning sun and enjoying a moment of peace before diving into the day's tasks. But hey, we're not here to just lounge in the sunrise; we're spilling the beans on why catching those early rays isn't just for the birds but a vital key to optimising your health 🤍

1. It improves your mood

Sunlight is nature's mood enhancer, triggering the production of serotonin – the feel-good chemical. Vitamin D is also crucial for mood regulation, as it plays a vital role in serotonin production and release. About 50-90% of vitamin D is absorbed through the skin via exposure to sunlight. In fact, to get enough vitamin D, experts recommend 20 minutes of daily sunshine with over 40% of the skin exposed. So, not only does catching those early rays brighten your mood in the moment, but it also ensures you're getting a daily dose of the sunshine vitamin, promoting long-term mental well-being.

2. Reducing inflammation

Ever watched a breathtaking sunrise and felt a sense of awe wash over you? That feeling is scientifically proven to have anti-inflammatory effects as the proteins that cue the immune system start to work harder when you’re feeling positive emotions — especially the awe we feel from nature, art, or spiritual experiences. 

3. Stress Reduction

Nature has an incredible ability to soothe the mind, and the sunrise is its gentle remedy for stress, gently dissolving the tensions of the night and inviting a peaceful start to the day. Research has shown that as little as 10 minutes in a natural setting could make you feel happier while lifting both the physical and mental effects of stress. Another reason to set that alarm and embrace the early morning.

4. Promotes healthy circadian rhythm

Exposing yourself to early morning light not only cultivates a harmonious circadian rhythm but also sets the stage for a night of rejuvenating sleep. Research has shown that individuals who soaked in more morning light not only dozed off faster in the evening but also experienced fewer disruptions in their sleep compared to those with limited exposure to light. 

5. Digital Detox

In today's screen-centric world, where our phones and computers demand much of our attention, carving out a slice of each morning for nature provides a refreshing pause from the digital whirlwind. Stepping away from screens not only allows our minds to recharge and reconnect with the natural world but also contributes to better overall health. And let's face it, breaking free from the digital spell in the morning is as good as tossing your worries into a splashbag! 

Beyond its beauty, the sunrise is a personal wellness journey, lifting moods and easing stress. If you're an early riser, why not step outside for your daily dose of serenity? Give it a go for a week and let the magic unfold. 


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